companyBrandon Software develops custom solutions for large corporations to manage, back up and recover their data. At Brandon Software, we understand the value of digital data and the impact of its loss. Whether it’s critical business files or precious family photos, our mission is to increase the chances of successful data recovery. Over the years we have earned a good reputation in this field. We provide the fastest, secure and reliable data recovery service available. We employ more than 50 professionals in our firm who are highly talented and experienced.

We can handle the most damaged, traumatized and corrupted drives in a very short time. Our engineers can successfully recover data from all kinds of storage devices and all operating systems. We are recommended by the leading computer and storage device manufacturers. We have long-term relationships with the leading storage manufacturers. This helps us to keep pace with the changing technology. This also inspires the continuous development of our software and hardware. We are very good at both physical and logical data recovery. The core value of our business is providing excellent customer service. We work in such a way that our customers are fully satisfied with our works. We provide guarantee for our work. So, contact us for any kind of data recovery tasks.