How to integrate computer systems for maximum efficiency

Most companies use integrated computer systems today. This must be done carefully so that it can maximize the efficiency of the business. Otherwise, what’s the point of doing systems integration? You need to look at three aspects during the integration procesd: scope, schedule and budget. Most companies fail in these areas and so cannot maximize business efficiencies.

Creating a wide scope

This includes project objectives, operational needs, long-term maintenance needs, quality, etc. You need to come up with a long-term strategy so that future needs can be accommodated. The requirements must be noted down and will tell in detail ow the operation personnel will use this integrated system to run businesses.

Effective schedule development

A good schedule is a logical representation of the project plan and proof that the objective is possible to achieve. It is the best tool in evaluating the impact of changes to the project. Too many project teams skip creating a schedule so they can get started making progress. Creating a schedule defines the work processes and allows the computer systems professionals to get stakeholders to agree to the plan. You should breakdown the work structure so that it’s easy to follow.

Project cost prediction

The budget is the prediction of how much it will cost to complete the project. The budget must include an estimation of the cost needed to complete the entire integration process. Budget also includes costs of any unforeseen events.

An integrated computer system is complex and includes a wide range of technologies, including computer system hardware, software applications, and data management. The skills needed to run an integrated computer system is far beyond technical expertise. It includes skills in areas such as planning, organizing, motivating and managing resoruces. Companies that are able to implement integrated computer system successfully are good at planning. So, you need to first have a concrete plan before you start to integrate your computer systems.

How to integrate computer systems for maximum efficiency

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