Software solutions


The IT environment of your company is big and complex. The last thing you want is to spend lots of money on data recovery. You need a solution to manage your data and produce regular backup so that in case of any disaster or unwanted situation, you don’t lose much data.

At Brandon Software, we provide customized solutions to our clients. We only work for large corporations and so have to deal with huge volume of data. Each business has a unique need; so we provide tailored solutions to these businesses so that our service fulfills their specific needs.We have the capacity to mange all our data, create regular backup and recover data in case of any mishaps. Our customized software will provide the following benefits.

Fast recovery

Based on your setup, the amount of data you are backing up, we can restore your ruined machine as fast as possible.

Eliminate downtime

With our software, you can virtualize your backup images very quickly. This will help you keep your operations running while you wait for a new hardware or do your recovery process.

Keep your data safe

Using our software, you will be able to store backup data from every machine in your organization, whether it’s a desktop or a server.

Manage your storage space

We can set customizable retention and consolidation rules for older backups. Our software will enable you to keep the old ones as archives and still have space for current data.

Our customized software has successfully worked for many companies. This software will save you time and resources in managing data backups and recovery solutions.